Быстрый множественный транзит по Юпитеру

На транзите Луны по Юпитеру, управителю моего 9 дома, искал английские текстовые шаблоны у себя на компе, а нашел рекомендации, которые обо меня написали два профессора в 2002 году, когда я подавал документы на один американский исследовательский грант. Я совсем забыл об этих текстах, тогда мне было не до того. Сейчас нашел – вроде мелочь, а читаю и улыбаюсь, хорошо на душе… Вот уж точно: Юпитер включился множественным транзитом быстрых планет… День заканчивается на позитиве, однако.

Pretty high philosophical culture. The own sights expresses precisely and clearly both in written, and in the verbal form. His thought is logical and reasonings is consecutive and demonstrative. His manner to state a material has systematic character — it is possible, that his operational experience as programmer has an effect. He has good abilities to independent research work that has excellent shown by preparation and public protection of the dissertation. He’s not afraid of difficulties and uncertainty situations – for example, essentially remake the dissertation in deadlines when has decided to protect it in our Academic council. He has creative independent thinking, ability to work on a joint of scientific directions. He’s a man of great erudition and good serviceability. It is capable to master new fields of activity in short terms.

Scientific works of the applicant are written at a good professional level, but in a little bit heavy, «scientific-like» style. In personal contact he states the ideas particularly and clearly. As the teacher he shows enough high level of oratorical skill and has the deserved popularity at students. He has very good abilities to independent research work. During passage of postgraduate study on our faculty the applicant has proved from the good side as the independent researcher. He has able to defend the own point of view soundly and nevertheless adequately reacts to constructive criticism. It is necessary to note, that the applicant has very good potential for development and is skilled in the professional plan. On the other hand — he concerns to that generation which grew and was formed without ideological pressure in conditions of spiritual freedom. I can wish only that such as applicant will define a politics in our country in future . The applicant has good analytical abilities and has appreciable propensity to synthesis and classification. Original and creative thinking. Successfully combines in himself various qualities — the philosopher-researcher, the lecturer, the expert in the field of information technologies and even the instructor on transformation personal growth training and martial arts. Especially it would be desirable to note, that he easy and with pleasure studies new fields — for years of work at University he has successfully mastered and taught some various humanitarian disciplines (philosophy, philosophy of religions, culturology, a history of art culture and etc), that has demanded from him the big and regular work on self-education.

P.S. А еще говорят, что самоотслеживание на быстрых транзитах мало что говорит о качестве проработки натальной планеты. Ну да, как же…

P.P.S. Вырвалось. Серьезное и по делу напишу в другой раз. Скоро. Есть пара-тройка интересных тем.


6 февраля 2013 года